Proud Parents Pictures

Father/son picture.

The new parents. 

Mom and Jack taking a nap.

A long nap.

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Peter's Poem:
Chronicle of Clueless Parents on Their First Night Home with a Baby

Sleep sleep little baby...Time to sleep!
"Waa" "Waa!!" I guess not.
Maybe he's hungry… no doubt! Why do I even ask?!
And little Jack's hungry. Boy that's true.
One breast, two breast, three breast...four!
Sucking all night still crying for more!
Seems to suck with all his might
And he's still wants more, puts up a fight
Eyes are shutting... But he still peeks out
This is our moment, turn the lights out
This is our chance, here's our big break
Finally some sleep, please for God's sake!
So we settle back, start to count
Sheep… and as we drift off
"Waa" "waa" there will be no sleep.